Facilities in RPS Pvt ITI

Computer Lab

Adequate number of computers are available with the institute to cover the academic & organizational needs. The modem Internet facility is available and it is kept open for the students to encourage them in acquiring advanced skills and knowledge in IT through the Internet. The lab is equipped to carry out research & consultancy assignments. . The huge lab has a facility where each student can have hands-on experience in practical applications that enhances the knowledge in the theory classes.

Spacious Classroom

Bright, spacious classrooms provide our students a conducive environment for learning. Classrooms have ample space for students to enjoy and utilize the knowledge that they have attained. The classrooms are also well ventilated and lighted up. classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors, DVDs, OHPs. Magnetic White Boards and Computers hooked to the Internet. All this supports the advanced teaching techniques, maintains the International standards and brings out the best in each of our students.

Experienced Faculties

The quality of the academic staff is decisive for the quality of the Institute. At RPS Pvt ITI the members of the academic staff come from accomplished backgrounds with vast experience in the field of education that have shaped many of minds. Our faculty members are experienced and highly qualified who believe that teaching and Learning go hand-in-hand. Representing a wide array of backgrounds, the faculty offers you a diversity of perspectives to enhance your understanding of the challenges you’ll face when you Complete that.

Wel enviroment

Classrooms are spaces that are designed to support teaching and learning in an atmosphere conducive to engaging students actively in their own learning. Student-faculty interaction, Active and collaborative learning, Enriching educational experiences and Supportive campus environment – are explicitly addressess RPS Pvt ITI learning classroom. By promoting not only whole-class, but also group and one-to-one interactions, students work in a collaborative, supportive and enriched environment that engages them with the learning materials and each other to support the interaction that supports effective learning.

Soft skill tranning

“RPS Pvt ITI”is an initiative to increase employability and professional enhancement of Trainees and give them a professional edge. This will be done through state of art class room training which will be time and cost convenient, professional help and counseling for the entire year, regular update mailers and placement assistance, to our trainees. RPS Pvt ITI provides soft skills and Personality development facilities to our trainess so that they can get more competitive edge to exel in his professional career.